Monday, April 20, 2009

Must See Homes Now Syndrome

Several times in the past few weeks I’ve been contacted by a potential buyer who found Thompson’s Realty online and wants to see a home they found there.

The email usually looks something like this:
“pls contact me about seeing this home right away”

9 times out of 10 the consumer Must. See. Homes. Now!

Public Service Announcement

Must See Homes Now Syndrome is growing across the Valley, and is particularly virulent in the investor classes and with first time home buyers. Buying a home in a frenzy can be extremely detrimental to your wallet and your well-being. More than that, it wreaks havoc with my schedule and leaves me working 14 hour days, subsisting on trail mix and bottled water.

Here’s the thing. When you call or email it does not trigger a process whereby I run to the Bat Cave, throw on my superhero cape, then sprint out the door and burn rubber getting to where you are so I can show you properties for sale.

Tips for Avoiding This Public Health Nuisance

The Realtors who are still left in the business after the economic carnage that was the Phoenix Real Estate Market in 2007-2008 are left in the business because we’re darn good at what we do.

We know the local market, we know which floor plans sell for a little bit more, we can analyze comps 7 ways to Sunday. We’re negotiation experts and know which documents banks require before they’ll even look at your offer. We’re also part time counselors by necessity, skilled at mending your dashed hopes when you lose a deal or get bad inspection report news.

We Survivor Island Realtors are tech savvy, happy to communicate with you by email, cellphone, Tweet or text. We blog and vlog. Many of us do guest speaker gigs or contribute time to worthy charities. Occasionally we even see our spouses and children.

We Who Remain In Business have got an arsenal of electronic & computer equipment and we know how to use it: digital stills, video tours with audio and music overlays, wireless anywhere access to the MLS and tax record. We’re familiar with Flickr and Dwellicious, Trulia and yes, even Zillow.

In short, the Realtors still working full time are the industry’s first round draft picks. You wouldn’t expect a first round draft pick to sprint to the phone when you call. Don’t expect really excellent Realtors to be available with 15 minutes notice. Expect to make an appointment for tomorrow, or even the next day.

Public Awareness Campaign Tagline

Your lack of prior planning does not create my emergency.

(Borrowed without permission from the IRS. They’re busy just now auditing your 2008 tax return so we don’t think they’ll notice we stole their motto.)