Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Am Not Hiding Good Deals!

Recently I’ve had some interactions on the phone with a prospective client who wanted a bargain on Scottsdale condo.

After the end of the final phone conversation with this person, I was left screaming obscenities, whipping towels at the bathroom counters, cursing myself for not being firmer from the get-go, and generally scaring my cat.

Here’s a revelation readers: Realtors are not shop clerks. We do not have a secret stash of really excellent products at knock-down prices tucked away in the back room, waiting especially for you to arrive at your leisure and swoop them up.

  • I am not your personal shopper.

  • I do not have access to secret deals that nobody else knows about.

  • I am not hiding the really screaming good deals from you.

  • I am not trying to be difficult when I explain that the condo you liked when you saw it 4 weeks ago is now sold.

  • I cannot get you a pristine, move in ready property at 60 cents on the dollar. Anywhere.

Finally, if I could get a move-in ready condo at 60 cents on the dollar . . .

I would not sell it to you.

I couldn’t. Why? This property is not for sale. Either the owner already sold it to a friend who recognized a steal when he saw it, or the listing agent hired by the owner bought it immediately instead of listing it in the MLS. Either way, I am not hiding it from you.

Dear prospective client,

We’re breaking up. It’s not me. It’s you.

Sincerely, Realtor.