Monday, April 13, 2009

FedEx drops the ball

My package's saga ended this weekend, capped off by being delivered to the wrong address.  That, along with the lack of customer support or a proactive response, fueled my desire to share the shipper's name with you.  Here's the scorecard:

11 - # of days it took FedEx to deliver a package 300 miles.

6 - # of times I called FedEx to offer my address when their tracking website showed "no address" in the delivery field.  Also the number of times a FedEx representative assured my they were updating the system so my package would find me.

5 - # of times the FedEx representative wondered aloud why the person I spoke with previously wasn't able to save my information & must have not known what they were doing.

3 - # of times the FedEx representative had me hold while he/she called the distribution center to confirm everything was ok.

1 - # of times the FedEx package was mysteriously rerouted to Peoria, ILLINIOS.  Nobody at FedEx was able to explain how/why this happened.

1 - # of times the FedEx representative acted proactively, and after 20 minutes on the phone confirming every detail with me, promised me the package would show up at my door "tomorrow".

1 - # of times the package was dropped off at the front door of my previous house, where I haven't lived for several years!  No signature requested, and left outside during a rainstorm.

0 - # of times FedEx admitted making a mistake, accepted blame, or offered to replace the contents of the package if they were lost or ruined.  (nothing important, just a laptop computer!)

Last week I wrote about The Right Reaction to Being Wrong.  My frustration isn't that FedEx goofed up - they ship millions of packages and are going to goof up occasionally.  I simply cannot believe how they reacted when they goofed up - absolutely unable to fix the problem, blaming anyone and everyone else, and capped it off by dropping a package at an old address (which neither the shipper nor the recipient gave them) in the rain.

Update.  4/11 afternoon.  I spoke with somebody at FedEx about retreiving my package & re-delivering it to my correct address.  She offered to take personal control & responsibility for the delivery, confirming my address and phone number for the umpteenth time.

Update #2.  4/13 morning.  I decided to drive to my old house & see if the owners were home.  They were, and were nice enough to give me my computer.  I then called FedEx back to let them know not to worry about retreiving my package.  Their response?  "Let me confirm your address as OLD ADDRESS and your phone number as OLD PHONE NUMBER."  unbelievable.

Update #3.  4/13 afternoon.  I received a voicemail from Mark Marinowski at FedEx today, letting me know that since the package was delivered to my house, it was not FedEx's responsibility to retrieve it, and that if I wanted it shipped somewhere else I would need to ask the shipper to initiate a re-shipment.  even more unbelievable.

Your wondering what brown can do for him Realtor,

Chris Butterworth