Friday, March 6, 2009

What do you really mean?

photo of banner

I saw this banner hanging from a dentist's office building.  I get it - it's a creative play on a different company's widely recognized slogans.  It's similar to the 'Got Sand?' and 'Got Jesus?' stickers I see in car windows, taken from the 'Got Milk' campaign of a few years ago.

However, getting it and it being effective may be two different things.  Any new patient who walks through the doors will first have to admit, at least to himself, that he has ugly teeth!  It's like subconsciously beating up your customers before they're even customers.  Not to mention the possibility of losing existing customers who like their teeth and prefer seeing a dentist who 'maintains great smiles' instead of one who 'fixes ugly teeth' (even if he does fix ugly teeth!)

I wonder if the dental practice is growing?  I wonder if the dentist uses this line at cocktail parties...?

Marketing can be tricky, and can have unintended consequences.  Sometimes simplicity is better, like taking great care of your customers and letting them spread the word...

Your glad this isn't his dentist Realtor,

Chris Butterworth