Friday, March 6, 2009

Spamvertising? Not Here.

One of my favorite regional bloggers is Kris Berg of the San Diego Homes blog. She snarkily funny and does a periodic column for, a national real estate news website. Yesterday Kris wrote about the deluge of email spam advertising the latest tool, trick, tip or pharmaceutical.

As a Realtor, I see about 200 a day of this variety:

  • Hurry! Great Investment Opportunity, Won't Last (I've been seeing this for about 3 months, so clearly it lasted)

  • Centerfold View of Camelback Mountain (really?? I'm almost intrigued enough to open it.... Nah.)

  • NBC Says Chinese Buying USA Property

My personal, non-Realtor email gets stuff like this:

  • Get prozac and cialis cheap!!! (together? par-tay!)

  • Funds transaction help needed (used to be Nigerian princes, this month it's Asian businessmen)

  • Here is the infmation I prommised you (sent to the email account reserved for sites I suspect will spam me or butcher their spelling)

Dunno about y'all our dear readers, but I'm so fed up with this sort of spamvertising invading my IN box that my default finger position is hovering over the "delete" key. Kris agrees:

I have become cynical. Feeling increasingly victimized, I now delete first and ask questions later. I have got to believe that my own clients and potential clients are no different.

We at The Phoenix Agents believe our clients are no different. We don't do spam. We don't do email blasts. We don't require you to register to view the MLS property listings through our site. You can register to customize and save your searches, but you don't have to.

We don't do drip email campaigns, unless you count our monthly eNewsletter. If you count that as drip email, you have to count the 15 to 25 people each month who email us back to say "thanks", "that was cool!" or "hey, good to hear from you, how are you?"

You can even comment on our blog anonymously. Even if you leave your email when you comment, it's not shown to the public, just to us. Sometimes we'll email you back to say "thanks for commenting on our blog, we love that and hope you come back often," but that's the extent of it.

We hope you visit here often, use the information we provide, and comment on our blog frequently using your real name or at least your real online alias. Why? Because we're hoping to build a real community here at The Phoenix Agents. It's no fun writing into a vaccuum.

Our bottom line has always been this: provide useful and truthful information, excellent customer service, and a no-hassle, no-pressure environment, and people will find us and stick with us. So far, so good!

Thanks for reading. We're glad you're here.