Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Household Quickie - Spring Clean the Windows

Metro Phoenix is a dusty place. Dust accumulates at a superhuman rate in your house, your car, on your patio furniture. It only takes about an hour for a thin layer of dust to accumulate on every place that's vertical and doesn't move. Our dust is actually superfine dirt - it's brown, dry and totally different than the dust I experienced when I lived in humid Philadelphia.

My inner Mommie Dearest is totally bothered by the dirty dust that accumulates in the window tracks. In the past I've tried cleaning it up with wet washrags and I just end up with muddy window tracks.

This weekend while helping my little brother clean his newly purchased bank-owned home, I found the perfect cleaning method.





Pretty clean, no? Mommie Dearest isn't 100% satisfied, but she's not beating my with wire hangers either. This is a vast improvement.

How To


Grab an old dry toothbrush and the nozzle tool on your vacuum cleaner then think like a dentist: scrub with the brush while you suction out the dusty dirt. Dry is key here. Dampen the toothbrush and you get mud.

Relocating to Phoenix? Rest assured, these pictures do not show the sort of dust that accumulates on your dining room table after a couple of days. This is several years' worth of lack of a good spring cleaning.