Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wake Up!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with real estate. But with the market as heavy and depressing as it's been lately, I'm casting around for lighter blog material.

I found a couple of intriguing online vendors today, after sleeping  a whole lot later than I'd meant to (again!). Realtors work odd hours. My days never start at the same time. One morning it's a 7:00 AM home inspection. The next day I don't start work till 10:30 AM, take a 3 hour lunch to eat and run errands, and then work straight through until midnight. For clients with deals in the hopper, I'm on call pretty much 24/7.

Sometimes the alarm clock isn't enough. I am one of those people who routinely hits the snooze button until the alarm clock gives up and goes silent. This morning I thought, "Wouldn't it be grreat if I could schedule a wake up call, like at a hotel, only at home??"

I hit the internet and found you can get in-home wakeup calls, in the comfort of your own jammies. Visit Snoozester and Wakerupper. Both allow you to go online, order your call, and each charges a small fee for their service.

Wakerupper gives you 10 free calls, then charges a pre-paid 5cents per call. You can schedule recurring reminder calls. You gain credits for future calls by pre-paying them on a debit or credit card, through the website. Wakerupper has a text to speech feature, so you can instruct it to say "Wake up you sleepy lazy jerk" when it calls you.

Snoozester gives you 10 free calls, then charges on a sliding scale according to use, from $3.99 to $14.99 per month. You can't schedule recurring reminder calls, but they do have a nifty snooze feature. Press "2" on your phone and they'll call you again in a few minutes. You can pay for call credits with debit/credit cards, or gain credits by referring friends.

Wakeupland is another web call service. But they're 95 cents per call or $4.99 per month. Unlike Wakerupper and Snoozester, Wakeupland does offer pre-recorded text such as Joke of the Day or Fun Fact of the Day, and even Psalm of the Day for those so inclined. Their pricing gets cheaper when bought in bulk.

Some of the press for these websites offer creative ways to use their services (naturally). Want an escape hatch for a blind date? Schedule a reminder call for halfway through dinner. Nag your kids to their chores via Wakerupper or Snoozester.

Wake up calls from the 'ole intertubes. Who'da thunk it?