Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring in Phoenix

Spring has sprung, with a vengeance. We had a fairly mild and wet winter, so the mountainsides are awash in green. These snaps are from a quick hike this morning through North Mountain.

I’m working on the followup to my Feb 23 post about part 1 of President Obama’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. Part 2 of his plan is proving difficult to explain briefly. And besides that, the housing crisis is depressing. Pictures are much more pleasant.

IMG_1645 Barrel cactus

  IMG_1647 hiking trail with creosote bushes in the foreground

IMG_1650   ocotillo in bloom

IMG_1652  springtime blooms (possibly lupine?)

IMG_1653 IMG_1651    who says Phoenix isn’t green? these 2 photos show a created habitat managed by Park Services in order to provide a protected wildlife area.


Thinking about visiting the Phoenix area? Do! These pictures are as-is, point and shoot. I take zero credit for how pretty the scenery is. I didn’t photoshop these or embellish them in any way. Give the credit to Mother Nature or whichever god you fancy, it’s just that pretty here in Phoenix during springtime.