Saturday, February 21, 2009

Local Fave Vendor, Scramble

The North Phoenix area has a new breakfast joint and it’s in a neighborhood that sorely needed more & better breakfast food. I’m so excited! Partly over the food, partly over the wi-fi, and partly because I know someone who knows someone who’s a co-owner of the spot, so I got to go to a pre-opening tasting.

Free Wi-Fi

IMG_1644Yep, that’s my mobile gear. I’m sitting in Scramble as I type this Local Fave Vendor review. In addition to the free wi-fi signal, there’s a long breakfast bar with comfy stools and power outlets aplenty.

The food

The dishes I’ve tried so far are so good that I wanted to lay down and roll around in some of them.

Brizzas are the house specialty. A personal sized, deep dish style pizza with scrambled eggs baked into the dough. Four toppings choices: smoked gouda & cherrywood bacon, country ham & cheddar, chorizo & peppers, or garlic spinach, thyme & mushroom. I tried the chorizo & peppers version at a pre-opening  tasting event. The chorizo was just the right amount of spicy and in addition to the pizza cheese there was another house specialty, jalepeno cream cheese. Ohh! After a while I gave up on the brizza and just kept eating that spicy cream cheese! It’s addictive.

IMG_1622 IMG_1623 Don’t miss the homemade cinnamon rolls. I actually licked the takeout container to get all the icing when I was done with the roll. (I waited until I was home alone to do it, natch.)

IMG_1617 For the health-conscious, try the steel cut oatmeal or multigrain pancakes (pictured). Ask for the “Scramble butter” with your pancakes. It’s butter blended with secret spices. I taste cinnamon, nutmeg and another spice (or two) I couldn’t identify. It’s yummy!

The breakfast meats are all from local legend Schreiner’s. These include cherrywood smoked bacon, sausage patties and even a turkey sausage (pictured, behind the pancakes). The turkey sausage looks a little odd – orange tinted and thicker than you expect – but it tastes amazing.

I also tried some of the lunch options, including the Tomato Florentine soup and the Ultimate BLT. I’m not even a BLT fan but Scramble’s version is so good I could have eaten 2.

Decor, Hours, Location and Service

The decor is casual, hip and fresh. Dark wood, brushed silver and a shade of lime green that’s somehow energizing and soothing at the same time. Five flat panel big screens are scattered throughout the small space, keeping you hooked in to the news, sports and even cartoons for the kiddies in the mornings.

The service is friendly and helpful. It’s casual dining setup like Sauce or Pei Wei – menus on boards at the door, order at the counter and take your plastic order number to your table. The waitstaff brings it to you when it’s done.

Scramble is open daily from 6am to 2pm, serving breakfast, brunch and lunch. Located at the NW corner of 7th Street & Mountain View in the Sunnyslope neighborhood of North Phoenix. Call them at 602-374-2294 or visit them online to check out the full menu. Come on by and support another Local Fave Vendor.

They're a wee bit pricey but the food is truly fabulous and it's huge. I rarely leave without a doggie bag.

To read another review (written by someone who did her homework on the joint, as opposed to just gorging herself on the food like me) check out ChowBella, a Phoenix New Times blog, talking about Scramble.

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