Monday, February 9, 2009

Credit Confusion?

Both Chris and Heather have been having a few overwhelming issues offline in the past week, so our posting speed is way slow. We're both fine. Just dealing with Windows upgrade issues which exploded a laptop and a little bit of burnout from the frenetic pace of buyers seeking foreclosure bargains. That's both good and bad. We're busy with deals, but 14 hours a day, 6 days a week creates burnout pretty quickly when you're no longer 20 years old (and neither of us is). Add to that some Windows-wrangling and well, no posts in nigh-on a week.

Today I bring you a few links from a favorite credit blogger.


Credit Confusion?

If you're like many Americans lately, you're trying to tighten the strings on your wallet. Pay down debt, transfer credit card balances to get a better rate, save a bit more, etc. If this is you, I can't recommend the CreditMatters blog enough.

These folks are tuned in to the credit market and are a great asset to those trying to sort out the incredibly confusing world of modern credit.

Some recent articles:

Cardholders lucky enough to have a low interest rate find new fees in their monthly bill

Credit card companies have little-known forbearance programs, but beware the tax consequences of forgiven debt

CreditMattersBlog even touches on recent corporate misbehavior and the stimulus package

The CreditMattersBlog folks back me up when I call bullpucky on swindlers who say they'll 'fix' your credit quickly