Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Truth About Arizona's Termites

Just today I sent a current client a link to Chris' excellent August article called The Truth About Arizona's Termites. Wanted to add a few additional items I've learned over the years by talking to my termite inspectors, Budget Brothers Pest & Termite.

  • Termites are drawn to the paper backing on drywall.

  • They're also drawn to moisture in the soil, which is why home and termite inspectors recommend homeowners keep bushes and trees trimmed well back away from the house.

  • Termidor isn't the only chemical used to treat a property for termites, but it's currently the most effective available.

  • Termidor acts as a bait and a poison. Termites are drawn to it like ants to honey and carry it back to the hive where it kills all termites in the infestation. Killing them all can take several months.

  • A termite inspection costs about $30 to $60

  • Treating an entire house with Termidor can run about $600 to $800 (your mileage may vary)

  • An annual termite treatment warranty will only set you back $100 to $150 and is renewable every year after a complete treatment was completed. At any time during the year, if you find evidence of termites (typically a "mud tube" visible on the drywall or exterior of the home) you call the company that gave you the warranty and they'll spot treat the area with additional Termidor at no charge.

  • If you find a mud tube, don't knock it off until the spot treatment is complete.

  • Home builders are required to treat for termites during the building process and cannot issue a builder's warranty on the home without doing so. A termiticide must be applied to the ground before the concrete slab is poured and the builder remains liable for termite-related damages for several years after the first buyer takes possession.

  • The State of Arizona maintains a registry of treatment records. You can learn more at the state's website, the Arizona Office of Pest Management. See the "consumer information" tab.