Monday, January 26, 2009

more Northwest Valley Market Statistics

I've sliced & diced the NW Valley numbers in the past, most recently in early December (Northwest Valley Market Statistics).  I enjoy doing this as a way to keep my finger on the pulse of what's going on, and I usually get some interesting feedback from readers, so I'm trying to make this a regular post at the end of each month.  In the meantime, here is an update looking at the activity from mid-December through mid-January.

Northwest Valley by City

 ActiveSoldInventoryLast MonthPct Change
Northwest Valley5,2836697.907.534.9%

Northwest Valley by Price Range

 ActiveSoldInventoryLast MonthPct Change
$0 - $250k3,8585566.946.644.5%
$250k - $400k928939.989.594.1%
$400k - $800k3781919.8912.7156.5%
$800k +1191119.0068.5073.7%
Northwest Valley5,2836697.907.534.9%

Northwest Valley by City by Price Range

GlendaleActiveSoldInventoryLast MonthPct Change
$0 - $250k1,6192137.607.116.9%
$250k - $400k2452310.659.4013.3%
$400k - $800k123620.5018.1113.2%
$800k +370infiniteinfinite0

PeoriaActiveSoldInventoryLast MonthPct Change
$0 - $250k9031147.927.564.8%
$250k - $400k391488.158.554.7%
$400k - $800k165723.5711.35107.7%
$800k +74174.0087.0015.0%

SurpriseActiveSoldInventoryLast MonthPct Change
$0 - $250k1,3362295.835.702.3%
$250k - $400k2922213.2711.9211.3%
$400k - $800k90615.009.8951.7%
$800k +80infinite6.00infinite

Definitions and Variables - here are the criteria I used for this exercise:
Northwest Valley:  Glendale, Peoria, Surprise

Single Family detached homes only

Active:  homes currently listed for sale as Active in the MLS

Sold:  homes sold between 12/16/2008 and 1/15/2009

Inventory:  the number of months it would take to sell all the Active homes at the current sales pace if no new homes came on the market.

That's an awful lot of red ink in the last column.  The only number that's realistically better is the $250k - $400k price range in Peoria.  Otherwise we're worse across the board.

One silver lining (that's me, ever the optimist) is the total number of Active Listings is lower than last month:  5,283 down from 5,573.  Could that be a step in the right direction?

I'm also giving some leeway for the holiday season skewing our month-to-month comparison.

Your reporting the facts Realtor,

Chris Butterworth