Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moon Valley Adding Bike Lanes to Roadway

My favorite neighborhood of Moon Valley is adding bike lanes to Coral Gables Drive. The neighbors who live along this pretty drive have worked with the HOA and the City of Phoenix to cut down traffic on the roadway and slow down the remaining traffic.

The City's press release says the work begins "in the next four to six weeks."

You can see a draft of the new lanes here. The new striping extends from Coral Gables and about Central Avenue around the bend to Coral Gables and Thunderbird Road.

Essentially the City's new lane striping will add a designated parking lane and a designated bike lane to both sides of the road. This will have the effect of narrowing the driving lane from the current 16 feet wide on either side to just 12 feet wide on either side.

(The way I understand the process is this: narrower lanes cause drivers to slow down, automatically. It's one of those subconscious things.)

If you live in or drive through the area, check out the link for maps and pictures of the proposed striping.