Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Location. Location. Location.

the 3 most famous words in real estate.  Last week I was driving through a shopping center's parking lot when something caught my eye.


Who has the BEST BURRITO - the coffee shop or the ice cream parlor?

Then I saw it, a Taco Del Mar tucked into a little nook/cranny within the shopping center..


No wonder they need to fly a hot air balloon.

Buyers - location matters, and you know it!  That's why you won't get the home on the large lot with the perfect views for the same price as the home squished between 2 other homes in the middle of a block with 30 other homes on it.  Make an appropriate offer when you buy your home, because you're going to have to take it into consideration again when you sell it.

Your probably not up for the burrito-coffee-sundae combo Realtor,

Chris Butterworth