Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Bad MLS Photo


In this installment of Bad MLS Photos, the photo's worst sin is being blandly forgettable. It's the caption (invisible here) that gripes me. It says "Dinner parties no problem, quiet romantic meals definitely."


What exactly about this photo screams "quiet romantic meal"? Is it the beer poster on the wall? The bouncy-ball-as-office-chair? The office chair randomly placed in the middle of the floor? The only thing missing is a screen capture of a Girls Gone Wild video on the laptop screen. This room is only the setting for a quiet romantic meal if you are a 15-year old girl watching your bootlegged copy of Twilight, mooning over Edward Cullen's undying love for Bella Swan, or a ASU frat boy hoping to get one of the girls from The Library to come home with you.

For that matter, what about this photo makes you think of dinner parties??

Normally I try very hard to not pick on other's efforts at wordsmithing. It's difficult to create snappy copy for an MLS ad, especially when listing a condo (and this listing is a condo). It's equally difficult to create punchy captions for all your photos. The new MLS system allows about a bazillion photos. After all, there are only so many words one can use to describe 1,400 square feet of tract housing condo. "Another square beige room" doesn't entice buyers. But this photo + caption combo truly screams "make fun of me."

Don't mind me. I'm a bit puckish today. Your regular, politely informative hostess will return shortly.