Saturday, December 6, 2008

Seller's Stress

If you're trying to sell your house in the current extreme buyers' market, sometimes your days feel like this:


Buyers are bargain shopping in the extreme. They know sellers are at a disadvantage in this market.

Here's some advice for handling those nail-biting weeks (months?) that you're on the market for sale. It's by no means a complete list; checkout the Related Posts for more.

A Few Ideas for Handling Seller's Stress

  1. Take up yoga, tai-chi or meditation

  2. If your Realtor isn't giving you a weekly or every-other-week update, ask for one

  3. Ignore your neighbors' asking prices; concentrate on nearby sold prices

  4. Enlist the entire family in keeping the house clean for showings

  5. Foster your pets out with family, friends and/or neighbors (pets are one of the quickest ways to decrease the value of your home)

  6. Invest $20 in a new, cushy outside door mat

  7. Slap a fresh coat of paint on everything, especially baseboards and door frames

  8. To present the appearance of a clean house in under 5 minutes: wipe down counters, appliance fronts and mirrors with diluted Pine Sol or Windex

  9. Remove 1/3 of everything in every closet in the house

  10. Do the same with every bookcase

  11. Take everything off the kitchen fridge. Buyers aren't considering buying your five year old's macaroni craft project so they don't need to see it.

  12. Hide your personal papers, bills, and so forth from the office/desk area (it's nobody else's business)

  13. Take down family photos from every wall and dresser top

  14. Remove the prescriptions from the medicine cabinet and the "marital aides" from the bedroom (people WILL look)

  15. Counter every offer you receive, even the ones that make you want to scream profanities at the buyer (and see below about Handling Low Ball Offers)

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