Thursday, November 6, 2008

Household Quickie - Shower Curtains

funny-pictures-cat-told-you-the-washing-machine-was-a-bad-idea1 Image courtesy of I Can Has Cheezeburger

Haven't had a Household Quickie posting for a while. Also, I'm still suffering with the writer's block that crept through the blogging Realtors' world a few weeks back.

So today I turned to my favorite humorous cat website (is there more than 1 of these I wonder?) for inspiration.

And whammo! It came immediately.

One of the best household care tips I ever got was this: when your plastic shower curtain liner gets icky with mold, scum and other unmentionables, pop it into the clothes washer with some towels. Add bleach if the towels are white and the liner is clear or white plastic.

It just that simple. Out of the washer comes a load of clean towels, ready for the dryer, and a shiny clean, like-new shower curtain liner.

Now I'll admit that shower curtain liners are a mere $5.99 at Target online, but with all the recent talk of economic crisis, belt-tightening, sacrifice and so forth....   Saving $5.99 is better than buying a new liner and tossing the old (mildewy) one into the trash. They aren't biodegradable, ya know?

Besides $5.99 buys a really big Starbucks' coffee. Or a really small sandwich for lunch on the go, once the real estate market picks up again.