Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winter Arrived

People joke that the Phoenix area has only 2 seasons, winter and summer. Summer lasts approximately 5 months of the year, searing us with triple digit temps from late May through late October. It's a dry heat, but then so is my oven. Winter arrives overnight and lasts for the remaining 7 months of the year, drawing tourists like ants to honey and buoying our local economy in the process.

Winter arrived overnight this year. Friday I showed properties in a golf skort and polo, sweating my way through 3 hours of showings till my clients called Uncle. Saturday morning I pulled out a light sweater to meet new clients at a North Phoenix home at 10am.

It's all relative of course. I pulled out my sweaters as the temps hit the low 60's overnight. Snapped this photo in my car Sunday mid-morning. Sissy? Yep. Spend enough years in Phoenix's climes and you'll think 60 is chilly too. Don't believe me? Come on down; I can help you find the PERFECT house to live in. ;-)