Monday, October 27, 2008

South Mountain Pics

Hiked South Mountain on Saturday morning and the pictures were so pretty that I couldn't help posting.

You can click to enlarge each of these photos. The first (big) one is a view looking north to the Phoenix city skyline. The second looks south towards Ahwatukee, and the third looks generally northwest to Phoenix.

Interested in hiking in metro Phoenix? The City of Phoenix website has some great introductory hiking information.

There's a super hiking group online at, called Hiking Hikers Hiking Group. The group is active all over the Valley and has an event nearly every day, and sometimes multiple events per day. They hike from east Mesa to the White Tanks in the west, and also plan overnight hiking/camping events. One thing I really like about the group is that they take a head count before, during and after the hike to make sure everybody's accounted for, and do a good job of accomodating different fitness levels on individual hikes. For example, on big hikes with dozens of people, they'll have a lead hiker who hikes with the super fit folks who want to run bits of the trail, and a caboose hiker who hikes with the folks who stroll rather than hike.

The weather everybody moves here for has arrived - get out and get active!