Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photo Radar goes live in West Valley

photoradarcameraphoto credit:

I've been watching the photo radar progression over the last few months.  First the local police forces stepped up their radar patrols to catch speeders and slow down traffic.  (I was lucky enough to receive a warning!)  Next came the use of moveable photo radar - a van equipped with photo radar is parked at different locations.  Recently they started installing permanent equipment along Loop 101, similar to what's been in place in Scottsdale for the last couple of years. reports DPS has installed 9 cameras along west valley freeways:  3 on eastbound I-10 in Buckeye; 3 on eastbound Loop 101 between 75th Ave and I-17; and 3 on southbound Loop 101 between Bethany Home and I-10.


** Note - I think I saw 4 cameras yesterday on southbound Loop 101, with the first one being somewhere around Northern.  I'll double check & post an update next time I drive that way.  (update - there is a 4th camera, located just south of Olive at the Northern Ave exit sign.)

I've also seen a continued use of the photo radar vans on the opposite side of the freeways from these cameras.

I'm not here to argue the politics in favor of or against the use of photo radar; I'm just here to remind you to keep your speed in check.

Your relying on cruise control and patience Realtor,

Chris Butterworth