Thursday, October 16, 2008

Of Writer's Block and Donuts

The blog's been pretty quiet lately. I've got writer's block.  Given the upheaval in the world's economies and the rollercoaster that is Wall Street and how it all stems from my industry, every draft post ends up seeming trite, immediately outdated by new information, or both.

I'm comforted to know I'm not the only blogger unable to write lately. Blogosphere giants Kris Berg and Jay Thompson wrote about their writer's block too. But a quick review of Jay's and Kris' spots proves they have moved on. Sadly, I have not.

So, in order to indulge my current craving for comfort food to take away all the economic bad news..... I'm going to do a short series called A Donut Tour of Phoenix.

Call for Readers' Help!
Do you have a favorite spot for donuts, pastries, Krispy Kreme replacements, danishes or any other sugary breakfast treat that you love to eat but know you shouldn't? Write and tell me about them!

What's this got to do with real estate? Wellllll, <thinking furiously> I do work with lots of out of towners buying Phoenix area real estate and they almost all ask for restaurant recommendations. So there.

I volunteer to test out the shops recommended. (I'm simultaneously renewing my gym membership and signing up for spinning classes to work off the extra calories.)

Let's start things off with Rainbow Donuts on North Cave Creek Road just north of Thunderbird Road. I drive past it almost daily and have been meaning to go in and check 'em out for months. Check back tomorrow for pics, info and a review.  <insert Homer Simpson voice here> Mmmmmmm, donuts!