Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How important is dress code?

Phoenix is a pretty laid back city - guys can get away with a golf shirt and a nice pair of pants all year long for just about any occasion.  And during the summer, when it's 100+ outside, wearing shorts is not uncommon.

This week has been interesting, though, and the dress code conversation has come up several times among my friends and colleagues.  Here's the problem:

Today is October 2nd.  Autumn.  Fall festivals.  Leaves changing colors.  All that stuff.  Time to get out the winter clothes and enjoy the changing of the seasons!

Today is going to be 102 degrees.  Few things are less fun than showing homes, and getting in and out of the car a dozen times, while sweating profusely in your good, winter dress clothes!

Personally, I tend to use the thermometer over the calendar.  You probably won't see me wearing anything other than shorts from the time we break the mid 90's in May until the time we come back down into the 90's in October. (that didn't sound right - I actually wear shirts, too.)  Some people go the other way instead, turning to long pants after Labor Day, or on October 1st, or some other pre-determined date.  Tomato, tomahto.

It looks like the debate will be short-lived this year, as we're supposed to get some autumn weather this weekend:  80's, here we come!

Here is some historical average information regarding Phoenix temperatures and precipitation.

Phoenix Average Monthly Temperatures


Your dusting off his long pants Realtor,

Chris Butterworth