Monday, October 6, 2008

Are you planting Winter Rye?

The daytime temperatures have fallen below triple digits.  The swimming pool was actually chilly this weekend.  And most importantly, the golf courses around town are scalping their summer lawn and planting seed for Winter Rye grass.

planting winter rye grass in phoenix arizona

Plant your winter rye grass too early, and the hot sun will burn it.  Plant it too late, and it won't have enough hot days to grow in thick and full, leaving you fighting with it all winter.  We usually have about a 2-week window to plant our winter grass in order to achieve the greenest lawn for the winter.

I look to the golf courses as my guide.  They have a lot of money at stake in making sure they have the most perfect grass possible for the winter.  And apparently, now's the time!

I'll post an update of this picture in about a month for those of you who don't live in Phoenix to see what a difference it makes..

Your knows what he's going to do this weekend Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

11/13/08 - here's the updated photo.