Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Valley Home for $125 Million???

In the category of yet another reason for sellers to ask for and review a copy of their home's entry in the MLS, this Chandler home listed for $125,022,524. That's One Hundred and Twenty-Five Million. One look at the MLS listing shows that obviously it's a typo. It's also kinda funny.

But the un-funny part is that these sellers have no hope of selling until the listing is corrected. It's been like that for a day, so obviously the agent and/or the data entry clerk didn't catch it.

Buyers who (God love 'em) have over a hundred mill to drop on a house won't be impressed by this listing. The folks who are actually looking in the $1.25 million price range won't ever find this listing online.

Selling real estate is a numbers game. You need a whole lot of people (that's a technical term of course) to find your home online so you can get a lot of people to look at it in person, so you can hopefully get 1 or 2 to make actual offers.

You can't drive the numbers you need to look at your home if the numbers on your MLS listing are wrong. Sellers, check your Realtor's MLS data entry skills!