Monday, September 29, 2008

Stores are disappearing - a sign of the times?

Yesterday I was working on my sprinkler system, trying to repair an underground leak and a timer which was shorting out.  After a couple of hours of digging, testing, replacing emitters, and generally figuring out what I was going to need, I jumped in the car & headed the block and a half to Ace Hardware...

... only to find Ace was closed.  No signs about their status, and no apologies.  There was one sign referring people to the next closest Ace Hardware, and another sign from PepsiCo saying they hadn't met the terms of their lease.  Hmmm.

10 minutes later I was at Lowe's, with the required parts in hand.  Today my sprinklers are working like new!


I've been getting my hair cut at a local salon for the last couple of years - it's a little bit more fru-fru than I would typically use, but they do great work and their men's haircuts are only a couple dollars more than a barber shop.

This morning, at the request of my better half (that's when I know it's time), I called to set an appointment for a haircut.  Unfortunately, nobody answered the phone - the computer voice said it was disconnected.  That seemed strange, so I drove over there to find the store completely shut down - doors were locked and the interior was completely stripped.

Is the bad housing market and (possible) recession - as if there's any doubt we're in a recession - starting to hit home for Middle America?

Your wondering out loud Realtor,

Chris Butterworth