Sunday, September 21, 2008

Foreclosure Guru Blacklist

We all know the market is down, and we know there are great deals available to those willing to put in the effort (and capital).  Not every bank-owned home is a great bargain, and not every home seller is desperate.  But once in awhile we'll come across a strong investment opportunity - a great home in perfect condition, on the best lot in a desirable neighborhood, which a bank is selling for significantly less than any other home in the area!

0802-34 The trouble is, I'm starting to see, hear, and read advertisements telling me how to take advantage of this market to get rich in real estate.  The process isn't as easy as these advertisements make it seem.  But if 2,000 people buy their $500 expertise, they've made $1 million.  To be honest, I think they have a better chance of making a million dollars selling their course than you do by following their teachings.

I'm not against investing in real estate - quite the opposite, actually.  But please be careful who you listing to. has compiled an extensive list of Foreclosure Gurus who have had complaints filed against them.  Give this a read before you call one of these guys. 

Your believing that when people have to sell too hard, it's not worth buying Realtor,

Chris Butterworth