Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Down Payment Assistance Coming Back?

Longtime readers will know that I'm a big supporter of and believer in the Down Payment Assistance programs ("DPAs") like AmeriDream and Nehemiah, which were effectively killed by the housing stimulus package passed by Congress back in July 2008.

Below is a quote from a press release sent out today by AmeriDream, talking about the effort to re-instate DPAs which is making it's way through Congress right now. Known as H.R. 6994, it's a bill designed to reauthorize and reform Down Payment Assistance programs nationwide. The bill got a particularly important Thumb's Up today from the vitally important House Financial Services Committee.

Ann Ashburn, President of AmeriDream, said today: "Today's committee vote was a positive step toward preserving downpayment assistance, but our work is far from over. Now more than ever, members of Congress need to know that Americans are watching their vote on H.R. 6994. I encourage members of the public the tell their representatives in the House and the U.S. Senate that a vote for H.R. 6994 is a vote for the next generation of homeowners."

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