Wednesday, August 6, 2008

using Google as your calculator

Did you know Google can answer your math questions for you? How about your measurement conversion questions? Yep, and a lot more!

Say you read median home prices are down 11% from last year's $185,000 (these are hypothetical numbers.) and you want to know what today's median price is. Simply type the following into Google:

185000*(1-0.11) <enter> Google returns 164650, the correct answer.




It can do more advanced calculations, too. Say you're buying a home today for $185,000, and you're assuming it's going to appreciate an average of 5% per year. What will it be worth in 10 years?

185000*(1.05)^10 <enter>




Now let's try one more thing. You're watching the Olympics next week and see somebody run 1,500 meters in about 3 ½ minutes! That seems pretty fast, but you're not sure exactly how far he just ran. Let's ask Google:

1500 meters in miles <enter>




It turns out the Google calculator can do lots of stuff. Check it out for yourself by clicking here:


Your learning something new everyday Realtor,

Chris Butterworth