Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trump to Buy Ed McMahon's Home

I missed this news entirely because I'm not so much into the pop culture. It seems that Donald Trump is in negotiations to buy Ed McMahon's house and allow Ed to continue living there as a renter.

In the current down market, The Donald can get a bargain price on a sweet SoCal house. He gets a monthly income stream from Ed McMahon's rent. Not to be crass, but Ed McMahon is old - he can't live forever. He'll happily spend his remaining years in a house he loves. When Ed passes, The Donald still owns the house and the market likely will have improved. He can sell and pocket the profit. Plus, he gets to appear magnanimous in the news in the meantime.

What a great idea, Trumper! This translates to any price range; it needed be only multi-millionaires who work out this kind of deal. This is a great example of how folks with a little ready cash can benefit from our down real estate market and gain a little good karma while they're doing it.