Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dust BEHIND your Big Screen TV

We took the plunge last year and bought a big-screen, flat-panel, LCD HDTV. What can I say - it's incredible. It looks fantastic even when it's just sitting in the cabinet. And the picture... let's just say Big Bird has never looked better! (ok, so the kids usually get first dibs on programming. ;-)

About 15 months after we bought invested in this TV, it stopped working. I counted on my fingers and quickly realized the 12-month warranty wasn't going to help, so I called for service. I learned 2 very important things from this experience:

1. Dust behind your Big Screen TV. We keep our house pretty clean, but I'll admit that I never pulled the entire TV cabinet out to dust behind it. The guy who came to service it told me it's something he sees every week - nobody dusts behind the cabinet, which creates a huge problem. The TV's motor & lightbulb get electromagnetically charged, so dust particles stick to them. The TV's fan, which does an excellent job of cooling the motor & lightbulb, sucks air from outside the back of the TV in order to blow air to the inside of the TV. When you don't dust behind your TV, the dust gets sucked in by the fan and then sticks to the magnetically charged motor & lightbub. Eventually they get clogged up, bogged down, and need to be professionally cleaned. It's a $400 dollar lesson that I'll try to remember!




2. The guys at VS Electronics Repair are GREAT! They're responsive, friendly, gave great customer service, and honest (the final bill came in below their estimate!) Their card didn't have a website listed, but you can call them at 602-269-6232 if you ever need help.

Your keeping his dust rag handy Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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