Friday, August 29, 2008

Do You Have Multiple Photos?

The NAR is fond of publishing their research that shows homes advertised online with multiple photos get viewed 299% more often than those with only 1, or no pictures. We probably didn't even need formal research to tell us that. Think about how you shop online. Doesn't matter whether you're shopping for a home or for a wrench or a pair of shorts. You want multiple pictures. You look at all the pictures available before making a decision about anything, let alone deciding which product to buy.

Why in the world doesn't every home advertised in the MLS have multiple photos?? I guess we can excuse the lender owned homes. The Realtors working for lenders often don't have more than a few minutes to photograph a new lender owned listing. Sometimes they don't even have a key to get inside the house on the day they have to take the photos.

But for non-lender owned homes, there's really no excuse for not having multiple photos.

I thought I'd just check, out of curiosity, and see how many of the condos and homes near my neighborhood have multiple photos. The dismal results are below.

  • Condos & Townhomes, ZIPs 85020 & 85022 - 248 for sale, only 41 (or 16.5%) have more than six photos

  • Homes and Patio Homes, same ZIPs - 620 for sale, 127 (or 20.4%) have more than six photos

If you're thinking about selling your home and you plan to interview more than one Realtor, I'd suggest it's important to ask how many photos the agent usually places on their MLS listings.