Friday, July 25, 2008

That was a MAJOR ordeal

I had two major web site challenges this week.

Google's warning that my site was potentially dangerous. About a week ago I learned that Google had flagged my site as potentially distributing malware. Not good. I spent several evenings searching the web, digging through my site, and running virus scans on my files, all to no avail. Then I had a brilliant idea – maybe if I upgraded my blogging software I could close the security leak...? That lead to my second major web site challenge.

Upgrading my blog to WordPress 2.6. The "5-minute installation" has turned into a 20-hour ordeal (and counting).

So far I've got the upgrade 90% completed, but there are still a couple of strange things going on behind the scenes. And the Google warning? – turns out there was some code that had been injected into one two of my posts. Somehow I had been hacked. It also turns out that the upgrade to 2.6 was not necessary to fix the hack. I'm telling myself that it will help to prevent future hacks. (going to my happy place now.)

Anyway, I'm going to write a couple of specific posts about this ordeal in an effort to potentially help others going through the same process, and to say thank you to those who helped me through it. I know it's not real estate related, please bear with me for a couple of days.

Also, I'm going to be experimenting with a couple of different themes. This will help me determine that everything is working properly, and it will allow me to use some of the newer, more powerful widgets and plugins. Please let me know if you see anything you like/dislike, or if anything isn't working properly.

Your wishing he was a programmer Realtor,

Chris Butterworth