Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moving Stills 31 – Cholla Field

a field of cholla "jumping" cactus

A field of Cholla where a new subdivision meets the desert mountains. Cholla (pronounced choy-a), also known as the Jumping Cactus, is one of the most beautiful, yet feared and hated, cacti in the desert. Get too close, and one of the plant's pads will "jump" onto your skin, shirt, shoes, whatever it can. And since the entire pad is made up of needle-sharp spines, it's not easily dislodged!

You can read the rules for a Moving Stills post and learn how the series came to be by reading my initial post in the series – Moving Stills 1.

Your been "bitten" by more than one Cholla in his day Realtor,

Chris Butterworth