Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Butterworth makes the news

Well, sort of. I was on tv last night, in the news, but my last name never got mentioned..

In the last year I've been interviewed by various magazines and news media 5 times – twice for magazines, once by a local newspaper reporter, and twice on camera for the local tv news. Yesterday was the first time I made it through the editing room and into the story!


If you didn't catch the Channel 3 news last night, you can click the picture above to see a video of the story. (the link takes you to; I can't get the video embedded..) Unfortunately, the final cut didn't include a proper introduction or a screen graphic with our website's address. Maybe next time...

Reporter Kristine Harrington and I spoke for almost 15 minutes (on camera and off), covering a wide variety of angles regarding the current market, many of which I've written about on this blog at one time or another. But the cover story was ASU's new report showing a year over year drop in prices, so obviously that's where the focus was.

Your telling it like it is Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

 ps - Thanks to Jay Thompson for not being available!

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