Friday, June 27, 2008

Serving Needs vs Serving Wants

Right now I'm working from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at 75th Ave & Bell (free wi-fi access.)   I ordered something to drink, and the barista asked me "Do you need whipped cream on that?"

The question got me to thinking..  I've never been asked that before; usually I'm asked if I *want* whipped cream!  And then I thought..  No, I don't really *need* whipped cream - in fact, I don't really *need* this drink at all.  After which I thought..  which of my services do my clients want, and which do they need?

Sometimes clients don't know exactly what they need, which is half the reason they hire me in the first place.  Sometimes a client's wants and needs aren't the same thing - like when a client wants to sell their home for $500k, but they need to sell the home within 45 days, and the current market value is $450k!  And sometimes a client isn't even sure what they want, but they're awfully happy when I provide it to them anyway.

In the end, I think serving my clients' needs is what keeps them legally protected and keeps their transaction from having problems.  But serving my clients' wants, known or unknown, is what top-level customer service is all about, and it's what generates future repeat & referral business.  Serving needs merely makes a realtor competent; serving wants is what makes a realtor good.

Your just thinking out loud Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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