Saturday, June 14, 2008

Favorite Local Vendor - Sleep America

I realize that Sleep America isn't really local in the sense I usually use the term "Favorite Local Vendor". They have 40 locations across Arizona and I usually reserve the term for local, one-store only, Mom-and-Pop shops.

Today I wanted to highlight the excellent customer service on display at the Biltmore area Sleep America. One recent hot day I spent the day fussing arout getting a new listing staged. The owner/seller happened to have a bunch of model home furniture (long story) and wanted to use it, rather than renting furnishings from one of my favorite local staging companies (Staging Solutions, LLC).

Movers brought the stuff in, but I had to place it all and put the beds together. Started on the beds after several hours shuffling the rest of the furnishings around. Yikes! I realized I didn't have the proper sets of bolts and so forth. I'm a total girl, I don't know what these things are called. bolts? screws? nuts? I'm sure they weren't nails. But I digress.

I went around the corner to the local Sleep America store, thinking, "surely they sell these bolt thingys that I need, they're a bed store, right?"  Well, no. NotSoMuch. Duh! I should have known I needed to go to a hardware store. But it had been a long hot day. I plead exhaustion and dehydration.

The very nice man manning the counters told me they didn't sell bolts. But then he said, "Come on back to the register. We've got a toolbox full of spare parts. Maybe we'll have what you need." In the end, the exceptionally nice crew of the Biltmore Sleep America sent me on my way with a free set of 4 bolts and washer thingys plus an ice-cold bottle of water. That's customer service!

Need help picking a new bed set? Visit the Biltmore Sleep America crew. They do customer service the way it should be - above and beyond. They offer products by Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Tempur-pedic, Select Comfort (the "sleep number" people), Kingsdown and Stearns & Foster. Deliveries 7 days a week. Plus they're green! Sleep America will donate your old mattress to the St. Vincent de Paul Society upon your request and provide you with the tax deductible receipt.

Sleep America - Biltmore
Jim Rogers, Area Sales Manager
2112 E Highland Avenue
Phoenix AZ 85016