Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Favorite Local Vendor - Nails by Carrie Chairez

Ladies, have you been looking for a great nail tech? Look no further (at least if you're in the North Phoenix area). Carrie Chairez at Knotty Image Salon is an acrylic nail artisan. She doesn't use a drill, ever. Carrie does it all by hand, from scratch and with an eye to detail that you just can't hardly find anymore.

I've had trouble over the years with the nails lifting, which Carrie just recently helped me figure out was due to my obsession with applying cuticle cream during the day. But before we figured that out, Carrie took the time to adjust the acrylic solution, the undercoat, the primer, and the length, shape and thickness of the nails. Essentially Carrie's been doing my nails differently every time, for months now, all because she really cares that they're right.   Plus, she guaranteed my most recent full set for 2 weeks against breakage.

The price list and contact info is below. If you need a reputable nail tech in the North Phoenix area, you can't go wrong with Carrie Chairez.

Knotty Image Salon
602 W Union Hills Dr #6
Phoenix AZ 85027

NE corner of Union Hills & 7th Street

They do hair, tanning & waxing as well as nails. Prices are:

  • Acrylic full set  - from $40

  • Fill in / Back fill - from $25/$35

  • 1 Tan - $6

  • 5 Tans - $25

  • 20 Tans - $75, monthly package available

  • Eyebrow Wax - from $12

  • Leg Wax, half/full - From $30/$70

  • Haircut, Mens - From $15

  • Haircut, Womens - From $20

  • Haircut, Kids ages 10 and under - From $10