Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dear HUD, Stop Being a Bully

HUD's at it again, trying to ban down payment assistance programs. You can see the history of HUD's efforts to squelch homebuyers' efforts to catch hold of the American Dream in my previous blog entries and you can see AmeriDream's reaction on their website or Nehemiah's reaction in a Conde Nast online publication called

HUD's contention is that down payment assistance artificially inflates the price of homes. They also point to the higher default rates of homeowners who used down payment assistance to buy their home. I have a lot more to say on this subject but have to run out momentarily - to show a home to a first time homebuyer, by the way, who's struggling to save a down payment.

I say to HUD, why now? Congress is working it's way through legislation to add further regulations to the down payment assistance programs. Why not let those efforts play out? If you've got a system with a few bugs, fix the bugs. Don't scrap the system.