Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Butterworth Group joins Thompson’s Realty

It's official..  We're Phoenix Real Estate Guys!

Two months ago I announced that HomeSmart had acquired Dan Schwartz Realty, and that we would be exploring all available options. I wrote at that time:

People Matter Most. We're currently with Dan Schwartz Realty, not because of the commission splits, the office facilities, the training, or the support. In fact, we operate as an almost autonomous group. We're with this office because of one man – the owner and designated broker, Duane Fouts. Duane is someone whom I respect, trust, admire, and genuinely like. (and I think/hope the feelings are mutual!)

We may move our group over to HomeSmart, or we may move to a different brokerage entirely. I'm not sure exactly when we'll make the change – probably within the next couple of months – but I can guaranty 2 things:

1. The move to a new office, whichever office that might be, will NOT have a negative impact on our clients. If anything, hopefully we can use this opportunity to provide even MORE value.

2. We will end up at an office owned and operated by someone whom we respect, trust, admire, and genuinely like. You can count on that.

I'm happy to say we succeeded across the board. Jay and Francy are terrific Realtors, and they're even better people! We've had many conversations, and each time it feels as though I'm talking to someone on my team – we share the same business and life philosophies. Not only that, but Jay's one of only a handful of people in Phoenix who can help us improve our web presence and our marketing reach for our clients!

We're looking forward to a long stay, and a great relationship.

(We've got more changes on the horizon, too – so stay tuned...)

Your excited about the change Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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