Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Staging Bedrooms

Bedroom staging can be tricky. Here are a few tips that have worked for me with my listings.

Master Bedroom
The message you want to convey here is sanctuary. The master bedroom is probably the second most important room to potential buyers, behind the kitchen. Your goal is for the master to appear as a retreat, a getaway from the stresses and cares of the world. Think luxury, comfort and ease.

Buy a new, plush comforter or bedspread in a neutral color and pattern. Good colors are beige, green, and blue. Beige goes with everything; blue & green are soothing. Patterns should be medium sized and gender neutral (no cabbage roses! no petunias!). Wash and iron the bed ruffle if you're using one.

Buy 2 new pillows if yours aren't fluffy and luxurious looking. Use the pillow shams if the set you have (or just bought) comes with those. Buy and place a selection of decorative pillows in varying shapes and sizes.

If the master bedroom is simply huge, you can stage a sitting area with two chairs and a small table between them.

Other Bedrooms
The message for these bedrooms is space. You want the potential buyers walking through to be amazed at how much room there is in your extra bedrooms - plenty of room for their stuff. All you really need to effectively stage a bedroom are

  1. a bed,

  2. two night tables,

  3. two lamps,

  4. and nothing else.

Unless the room is enormous, this is enough. If the room is very small, you can use only one nightstand. If you're living in the home while you're trying to sell, the closer you can get to this ideal, the better. I realize that sellers with children are going to struggle over this. Enlist the kids' help and try to make it an adventure. If you stage it right, and price it right, and your chosen listing agent markets it right, you'll only be living like this for a month or two. Besides, you're going to have to pack the stuff once you sell, so you might as well start now. Buy a new bed-in-a-bag set in a neutral color & pattern.

If you're painting the whole house anyway, use a pale bluish off-white in one bedroom and a pale pinkish off-white in another. Set it off with sparkling white trim and baseboards. Dunn Edwards' Coy and Romantic are great pale pinks; use Clear Skies or Distant Horizon for bluish off whites.

Staging Bedrooms in Vacant Homes
If you're trying to sell an empty house, it will pay to rent a bed set at least for the master bedroom. For the other bedrooms, let your budget guide you. Contact my favorite staging company, Staging  Solutions LLC

Of course, if you've chosen the right Realtor, I'll be doing all this for you. Thinking about selling? Give me a call.

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