Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not Going To See These For A While

As I was driving around this afternoon taking care of a few errands, I noticed a couple of things that I don't expect to see for a while. I figured I'd take a couple of pictures to savor the moment.

I promise I was stopped when I took that picture. Albeit in the middle of a street, a residential one at least, but I was stopped; unlike my crazy, camera wielding colleague Chris with his Moving Stills posts. J It wouldn't take me long before I'd run into somebody while trying to take a picture and drive at the same time.

And this shot made me think of the time I spent living in Northern Idaho. I grew up here in Phoenix. Lived in the same house all my life. Until my wife and I got married and we decided to move up to her home town, Sandpoint, ID. After about a year, we decided that we preferred city life as opposed to the rural lifestyle. We're young and just aren't ready to turn off the lights at 8:00 pm. So we moved back to Phoenix, and when I left I was sure that if I never saw another gray cloudy day it would be too soon. Well, the grass is always greener, right? Sometimes I find myself wishing for a cold, gray, rainy day every now and then. With our 300 and some odd days of bright, often blistering hot, sunny days here in Phoenix, it's just nice to not have to wear sunglasses, and to not feel too guilty when you go on "rainy day schedule". Granted, today wasn't what I'd call a cold, gray, rainy day, but at least for a little while in my neck of the woods in north Phoenix it looked like it was. I'll take every little bit I can get right now, because I know that for the next (I don't even want to think about it) 4-5 months it's gonna be HOT!!

-Steve Nicks

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