Friday, May 16, 2008

Mortgage Rates Report by Kristi Collins

Well, my beloved Kristi Collins has changed employers. She's now with Maricopa Mortgage, after having been hammered lately by Coldwell Banker Home Loan's inability to do jumbo mortgages, among other things.  CBHL just never got into 'creative' financing and so in today's marketplace where anything other than a standard 10%-20% cash down, full documentation loan is a little (or a lot) of trouble to obtain, Kristi felt she could better serve her client base by moving to a lender who's a bit quicker to adapt to a changing marketplace.

100% financing is still out there! You can still buy with less than 10% down! FHA loans are booming and aren't just for first time buyers! Call Kristi, she'll set you straight. One thing among many that I love about Kristi is that she'll talk straight with you -- "Here's what I can do. Send me a quote from somebody else and I'll tell you if I can beat it. If I can't beat it, I'll tell you that."  Sadly, our mortgage world is still overfull of slick salesmen types who'll push you into a loan that's good for them instead of being good for you. Kristi and my other preferred lenders take care of you first.

Contact Kristi by cell phone at 602-750-8594 and contact my other preferred lenders by clicking here.


I still love CBHL for clients who fit the scenario of 10% or 20% down on a loan under $417,000. CBHL guarantees they'll close on time or you get a 1/4% rate discount for the life of the loan. Plus, they have one of the smallest loan packages I've ever seen. No junk forms to sign, no writer's cramp, no 1 hour closings. In, Out, Done. No Fuss, No Muss, and you're guaranteed to close on time.

I miss Kristi's sunny personality and well wishes every day at the office. It's not the same without her. But she's happier, and her clients are happier. She reports the mortgage rates for the weekend, for any of you home shopping out there. And if you're shopping, you need a stupendous Realtor at your side. Haven't got one yet? Call or email me to see if we 'click'. I'm happy to help out.

6.00% - Conforming loan (under $417,000), fixed 30-year rate
5.50% - conforming 5/1 ARM