Thursday, May 8, 2008

It’s nice to have a good team

Ask the Los Angeles Lakers (Kobe in particular), or the Arizona Diamondbacks how it feels to have a great team – an environment where everyone pitches in and the final outcome is usually a good one.

The last couple of weeks have been tough around my house. Nothing serious, just a bout of the flu, but it's taken quite a bit of my time and energy away from my real estate business.

Fortunately I've been able to lean on my teammates, and some other Realtors we've built good relationships with, to help me out. It's one of the reasons I started a team in the first place, and it's one of the things I was excited about when I brought on my first teammember three years ago.

Hopefully things get back to normal soon. (just in time for summer vacation and the kids being out of school...!)

Your sick and tired of people being sick and tired Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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