Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Blame The Phoenix Real Estate Market

I went to get my hair cut on Tuesday, like I do every three weeks (I might have a touch of OCD, when it comes to tidiness, my hair included. Just ask my wife, sometimes most times I drive her nuts). I was informed midway through the hair cut that I had a few grey hairs. Boy if that doesn't make you feel old, I don't know what does. I played it off like it didn't bother me. I think I even made the comment, "that's alright, grey hairs are distinguishing on men". Well, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. And I think I'm going to officially blame the Phoenix real estate market for the onset of my grey hairs.

I want to put the grey hairs on notice…."I've got my eyes on you!!!!"

 P.S.  If the market doesn't get back "normal" here pretty soon, I may look like "Mr. Distinguished" in the photo before I know it!!

-Steve Nicks

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