Monday, May 12, 2008

Finding quality between the lines

I look around at people selling a service – Realtors and otherwise – and I see a lot of people with outstanding messages about their quality. I see messages about the highest levels of customer service, customer satisfaction, or even a simple message about "great quality".

It's when everybody has the same message that I try to read between the lines to get a better understanding of who that person is or what they're selling. Here are some examples:

Last week I saw an expensive truck with the owner's business advertised in the window.

Handyman for Hire

Great Work at Great Prices

No Job is too small

Call 602-XXX-YYYY

Pretty impressive message, right? But what if I told you that the letters were crooked, and that the expensive truck had a big dent in the fender – would that change your opinion? It did for me – looks to me like a handyman who doesn't think how the finished product looks is very important. I chose not to write down his phone number.

When a Realtor's website promises a comprehensive marketing plan, I'm impressed. When I see one of that Realtor's listings has an Info-tube filled with smudgy black & white photocopies of the property's MLS printout, rather than high-quality flyers highlighting the property's best features, I'm no longer impressed.

When a Realtor's website promises full-color photos of your property will appear online, I'm impressed. When I see really bad pictures in the MLS, I'm no longer impressed.

People are going to read between the lines in whatever it is you do, so you might as well do a great job! (at least, that's what we aim for!)

Your reading between the lines Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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