Friday, May 2, 2008

Do you even *Know* I sent you an offer?

I sent an offer to a listing agent on behalf of my client last Friday night. efax told me the message was sent, so I went to bed. Saturday morning I saw an email from efax alerting me that, upon further review, the fax did not go through.

I called the listing agent again, and he gave me an email address to use instead, so I emailed our offer.

Mind you, this happens to be a CASH offer.

I then spent this week trying to follow up with the listing agent to A) confirm receipt of our offer and B) get a read on whether or not the seller would accept it. But this has mostly been to no avail – I didn't get a return call or email all week long.

Today I spoke with somebody else in the listing agent's office, who was nice enough to help me out. He confirmed they received it, and that they're "working on it." (whatever that means...)

How can you sell a house if you don't respond to interested buyers? Especially interested buyers who have written an offer and who are PAYING WITH CASH??!!

Your still trying to figure it out Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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