Thursday, April 3, 2008

Zillow Offering Mortgage Quotes

thumbs-up.jpgZillow launched a new online mortgage quote system today at their Mortgage Marketplace.  Must give credit to The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, Jay Thompson for blogging about this first.

From Jay: Zillow’s system does not take your name, phone number, email or Social Security Number. Lenders get your request and respond with a detailed loan quote based on information you provide. You then log into Zillow and review the loan quote — which includes rate, APR, terms and cost. Then YOU decide if you want to contact the lender.

How in the world can a lender give you a mortgage quote if they don't know your credit score?!? Zillow thought of that. Users provide an estimate of their credit score, or use Zillow's FICO estimator tool if they don't know their actual score. Zillow then provide users a loan quote that includes rate, APR, terms and cost.

I  don't normally think much of Zillow, but this seems kinda cool. Kinda like the promise of eLoan without the annoying dinnertime telemarketer calls.