Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today’s bizarre showing

I'm working with a buyer who wants to see a particular property. I look in the MLS, and the property shows as an Active listing, along with some showing instructions. I call the owner (per MLS instructions) and leave a voicemail. I call the listing agent, who says as long as I left the owner a voicemail we should be ok to show the home.

I meet my client at the property, and we enter the twilight zone together. Kids' toys and clothes are strewn across the driveway & front yard. The garage door is open, leaving stereo and computer equipment in plain view. We hear noise inside the home, but it sounds like a television. It still "feels" like somebody is in there. My first thought was to reschedule, but my client was brave & wanted to proceed.

After a few minutes of knocking & ringing the doorbell, I open the door to let us in. I announce our presence by practically shouting that we're entering the home. Here's where it gets really weird.

The house looks as if they were in the middle of hosting a crazy fraternity party – like something you'd see in a movie – but then everybody just disappeared. No cleaning up, no winding the party down – just 'Zap'. Every TV was on. There were food & dishes in the kitchen & family room, and the furniture had been moved. There were clothes of all types scattered throughout the house. It was one of the most bizarre scenes I've ever seen.

My client suggested maybe we had just missed the police raid...

As brave as we were, we didn't stay long!

Your leaving tire marks down the street Realtor,

Chris Butterworth

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