Sunday, April 13, 2008

Staging Demystified - Cute Bath Towel Idea

I saw a cute guest bath towel idea today while touring a home for sale with clients. Snapped a pic with my phone. It's a little blurry and the colors are a bit off but I think the idea will come through.

In any case, it was a cute idea for a guest bath. The under-towel was a dark chocolate brown hand towel, hung straight on the bar, with no fold. The 2 over-towels were a nice toffee color hand towel in a standard tri-fold. The insets were small frameless pictures measuring about 3 by 5 inches. I bet they came from a home discount store like Tuesday Morning and I'm sure cost less than $5 a piece. They're anchored onto the accent hand towels with an elastic band in a chocolate brown. Finally, the flowers are plastic sprigs and I bet you could pick 'em up at Michaels for about 50 cents a piece.

Of course the pictured towels are off-center & hung crooked. That pretty much speaks to the condition of the entire home. My clients called it the "dirty red house" because it was . . .  well . . . dirty and disorganized, and filled with red accent candles, chair covers, froo-froo's and fringe. I should have photographed the master closet. It was filled to bursting with clothes and you couldn't see the floor through the layer of dirty, discarded and (to my nose) damp clothing strewn about the floor. Here's a word to the wise when your home is for sale: resist the urge to discard the day's worn clothing by tossing it on the floor of your closet. Buy a hamper with a lid and use it.