Wednesday, April 16, 2008

If I Were You, I’d Make Sure Your Listings Are Mapped Correctly

I don't know about you, fellow bloggers, but when I'm searching for homes for many of my buyer clients I search by a geographic boundary. It's typically how my clients talk to me about where they want to live. "I want to be north of Bell Rd and East of 7th Ave…" (or whatever the boundaries are). We then talk about what type of house they are interested in…do they want a newer home or an older home, single level or two, pool or not, you know what I mean. I then go into our lovely MLS system currently supplied by Tempo and set up a search, trusting that any home that's for sale in the geographic boundary that I set up will show up in my search. Well, as you might expect, that's not always the case. My beef today isn't so much with Tempo, that's like beating a dead horse (or maybe it's not even LIKE beating a dead horse…..hello FlexMLS!!!), it's more with listing agents that don't double check their listings when they enter them into the MLS. I don't know about you, but I sometimes make mistakes, even though my wife tells me I'm perfect J. So once I'm done entering a new listing, I spend a few minutes making sure that my new listing, whose owners are counting on me to do everything in my powers to sell, shows up any search that I can think would be run to find this home. Will some buyer's agent search by zip code…probably. Will some buyer's agent search by school district…probably. Will some buyer's agent search by the MLS area and/or grid…probably. Will some buyer's agent search by geographic boundary…probably. It is our job a listing agent to make damn sure that our listings are showing up in every possible way that they are supposed to show up.

It aggravates me to no end to find listings that either aren't mapped correctly or aren't even mapping at all. It takes one simple phone call to fix the problem. And not only are those agents doing their clients a huge disservice, but now it makes my job as a buyer's agent a lot harder. I have to run a couple of different searches to make sure that all of the houses that are available within a certain geographic boundary are, in fact, showing up in my search. Now, I know what you are saying, "why should it even take a phone call to fix the problem?" And I agree, it's pretty bad that Tempo doesn't proactively look for properties that aren't mapping at all and attempt to fix the problem, but my guess is that it's not going to change any time soon. So in the mean time, do your client's a favor and make sure that their property will show up in front of every potential buyer currently in the market for a new home. In other words, just do your job!!

**Disclaimer: I know I'm ranting a bit here, and I certainly am not aiming my rant at any of my fellow bloggers, since we are all just about as perfect as Realtor's come. J I'm mostly focusing on all of the other nim-rods in our industry who just don't care enough to do their job correctly.

-Steve Nicks

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